XmasB Quotes

This plugin/widget lets you add and show random quotes to your WordPress blog with ease. The plugin uses MySQL to store quotes. You can specify an image for each quote, default image for quotes, and the option to disable images altogether.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload directory «xmasb_quotes» to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add the widget to your sidebar
  4. That’s it!

By default the plugin looks for an image in the folder named «images» with a name that matches the author and extension «.gif», eg. if the author is «Bart», the plugin will look for the file named «bart.gif». If an image is found it is used, else the quotes is shown without an image or default image if specified.

You can add, edit and delete quotes under Edit – XmasB Quotes. The options for each quote:

Quote – The actual quote. Author – The author of the quote. This is optional. Image – The image to be used. If left blank, the name of the author will be used to search for an image. If not found, and default image is specified, the default image will be used. Visible – Set this to «No» if you want to hide a quote without deleting it.

Set more general options under «Options – XmasB Quotes». Options available:

Show Images – Uncheck this to disable images shown with quotes. Default Image – If specified this image will be used if no image is found for author or specified image for quote. If left blank, quotes without images will not show an image. Show link to author – Shows a link to xmasb.com and my plugin in the widget. Turn off if you want to.

The title for the Widget is set directly in the Widget under «Presentation – Widgets». Title – The title to show with the Widget. Default is XmasB Quotes.

For easier management of version and statistics the plugin is hosted at WordPress.org.

This blog is using the Widget as you can see to the right.

You can also take a look at at the readme file for the plugin.

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261 tanker om “XmasB Quotes

  1. Kjetil

    IMPORTANT When upgrading – remember to keep the xmasb-quotes/images folder. If not you will loose all the images associated with your quotes. Luckily I had a backup. Thanks Kjetil

  2. Kjetil

    Hi Just tried out your v 1.2.9 upgrade – what’s new? (It seems like the problem with it just dispaying up to 7 quotes is still there. See comment Nov 18th) Cheers Kjetil

  3. XmasB Innleggsforfatter

    I have changed the sql for retrieving the quote. It is now supposed to use the old syntax used before I «upgraded» the sql. I will look more into this, seeing that it obviously didn’t work as expected.

    If you’re overwriting the plugin when upgrading, no images should be lost. And now I realize I need to look into how automatic upgrades work… 🙂

  4. Dino Mapa

    I have WordPress 2.6. I uploaded the plugin but the edit function only shows a title bar. Is this where I type in the quotes?

  5. XmasB Innleggsforfatter

    It sounds to me that you are in the Widget view. You should find the option to edit and add quotes under «Tools – XmasB Quotes». For display options, look in «Options – XmasB Quotes».

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  9. Mare

    Hello, I am new to php and trying to figure out how to add the quote to a place different than the sidebar…so I’m assuming I need a piece of code to manually place in my theme’s pages where I want it to appear. Can you let me now what that code snippet is? Thanks so much for this great plugin!

  10. XmasB Innleggsforfatter

    I believe you can use the php code: «xmasb_print_random_quote()». Be sure to check if the function exists like this:

    i haven’t touched the code on this plugin for some months, so I hope I’m remembering correctly. I will check it up later, don’t have the code right here. 🙂

  11. iconico

    Thanks for this great plugin: I see the random quotes and the authors, but not the images… I guess I do something wrong: I do put the complete HTML IMG tag, am I right?

  12. XmasB Innleggsforfatter

    Only the name of the picture file should go in the field for picture. if you have picture for Homer Simpson called «homer.jpg», than «homer.jpg» is what you should type in the field. The image must off course be in the images folder.

  13. Mare

    Hello! I do not want the quote to pull into the sidebar, but rather, into a special place in the footer. Therefore, I do not want to add the widget but want to pull the quote in manually. Can you please tell me what the code snippet is for me to place in my footer? Thank you! I love this app!

  14. Mare

    Oops, never mind! I forgot I already asked you this and I looked back through the comments and you’ve answered. Thank you, I just tried it and it works perfectly. You’re the best!

  15. XmasB Innleggsforfatter

    I’ll have to look into it, Vince. If I remember correctly they are hard coded, so you must probably edit the code.

    I’ll look into it, but won’t be able to respond before next week I’m afraid.

  16. sjs

    It’s nice to have IMAGE with Quote . Thanks for your great idea . I wonder if I could quote in Chinese , in the future . (I issued the Chinese in the image)

    1. XmasB Innleggsforfatter

      Sorry for the late respond. you should find a widget named XmasB Quotes under Appearance >> Widgets. You can also edit the title for your quotes there.

  17. M Zachary

    I love this plugin but since I’ve updated it, I»m getting the little quotation marks around the text and I would like to remove those, as I»m not using it for «quotes.» I’ve looked in the code but I’m not finding the proper area to remove them. Can someone help? Thank you!

  18. XmasB Innleggsforfatter

    Take a look at the options under «Tools» and «XmasB Quotes». There you should find fields for setting what should be printed before and after image, author and quote. Default is to use quotes around, well, the quote. 🙂

  19. Davin

    Hi – I haven’t been upgrading the plugin because it used to wipe out all of my quotes that I added. Does it still do this? Thanks for the info!

  20. Davin

    So based on this advice, I went ahead and upgraded to the latest version. My quotes weren’t deleted. But my pictures were!! Any way to recover those??

  21. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

    @Davin Except from a backup? I’m sorry to say no. I was sure the folders wasn’t overwritten, but this obviously isn’t the case. I will look into it and update as soon as I find a solution.

    I have several thousand quotes on this page, with very few pictures, so I haven’t noticed that the image folder was indeed overwritten. My fault for not checking properly.

  22. Peter


    Tried your plugin. Could be really nice but problem with images. I usually use an external image bank (flickr) but your plugin would not accept an url.

    So I tried as you mention it to upload the images inside my blog. Tough luck ! The plugin doesn’t find the image either. I tried with the name of the picture alone, the url, everything I could think of.

    I know I should be editing your code, but javascript is too difficult for me.

    Is there a simple way to have your plugin simply pick a URL for the image ?

  23. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

    @Peter The plugin searches for images in the «images» folder. If noe image is specified for a quote, the plugin searches for an image with the same name as the author. If this is not found, the default image is used.

    If you specify an image, the image must reside in the «images» folder, and the image specified must include file extension. I hope this helps.

    I’ve been meaning to update the plugin for easier management. Hopefully I will find time soon. Thanks for using my plugin.

  24. Peter

    Thanks for answering.

    I guess the right folder is the xmasb-quotes/images folder ?

    (and not the main WordPress folder)

    Must the image be manually uploaded into this folder then ?

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  27. Patrick

    I downloaded the plug in for one site and it works great, but for another it puts / before quotation marks and apostrophes.

    Any ideas?

  28. Patrick

    Now the second site is doing the thing with / in quotes.

    What do you mean by «settings under options-XmasB Quotes»? I didn’t change anything from the way it was before, but could I be missing something.

    I have XmasB under Tools and Settings in the dashboard sidebar. Should I be looking somewhere else?

    Thanks for all your help!

  29. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

    @Patrick The page to edit quotes is found under «Tools and settings» in the dashboard sidebar, as you have seen. But the options for the widget is found under «Options» in the dashboard sidebar. There you should find options for showing pictures as well as HTML to be user before and after certain elements.

    The standard url for this page is http://yoursite.com/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=xmasbquotes.php, just replace yoursite.com with, well, your site. 🙂

    Good luck, and thanks for using my plugin/widget.

  30. Patrick

    Actually, I’m getting ** before quotation marks and apostrophes and not a forward slash like I wrote before (not sure if this makes a difference).

    I also don’t have a dashboard category tab called Options. All the settings in Tools and Settings for XmasB have been unchanged (the html and picture options are accessed through the Settings tab).

    Maybe I need to uninstall and re-install?

  31. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

    @Patrick What version of WordPress are you using?

    There should be two seperate pages in your dashboard for the XmasB Quotes plugin; One for adding and editing quotes (found under tools) and one for setting options such as custom html around elements (found under options/settings). I’m not sure if it is «options» or «settings» as I have a norwegian dashboard. 🙁

  32. Patrick

    Yes, I have Settings, sorry.

    The only change is No image is selected. Other than that all the settings remain the same.

    For now, I’m just italicizing the quote text to make it stand out.

  33. Patrick


    What’s your point? I’ve tried the default settings and multiple configurations.

    Perhaps it’s a conflict with another plugin or with the CSS?


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