XmasB Quotes

This plugin/widget lets you add and show random quotes to your WordPress blog with ease. The plugin uses MySQL to store quotes. You can specify an image for each quote, default image for quotes, and the option to disable images altogether.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload directory «xmasb_quotes» to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add the widget to your sidebar
  4. That’s it!

By default the plugin looks for an image in the folder named «images» with a name that matches the author and extension «.gif», eg. if the author is «Bart», the plugin will look for the file named «bart.gif». If an image is found it is used, else the quotes is shown without an image or default image if specified.

You can add, edit and delete quotes under Edit – XmasB Quotes. The options for each quote:

Quote – The actual quote. Author – The author of the quote. This is optional. Image – The image to be used. If left blank, the name of the author will be used to search for an image. If not found, and default image is specified, the default image will be used. Visible – Set this to «No» if you want to hide a quote without deleting it.

Set more general options under «Options – XmasB Quotes». Options available:

Show Images – Uncheck this to disable images shown with quotes. Default Image – If specified this image will be used if no image is found for author or specified image for quote. If left blank, quotes without images will not show an image. Show link to author – Shows a link to xmasb.com and my plugin in the widget. Turn off if you want to.

The title for the Widget is set directly in the Widget under «Presentation – Widgets». Title – The title to show with the Widget. Default is XmasB Quotes.

For easier management of version and statistics the plugin is hosted at WordPress.org.

This blog is using the Widget as you can see to the right.

You can also take a look at at the readme file for the plugin.

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261 tanker om “XmasB Quotes

  1. Tom Martin

    Is there anyway to display the quotes on a page. My client would like to have a viewable archive of all the quotes

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      Sorry, no. The only page showing all the quotes are found in the dashboard for the moment. I might add this though, as it is fairly simple to implement.

  2. Tom Martin

    The quote shows up on all of my page sidebars. Is there a way to limit it to the the main blog page. I have a plugin for doing that but it doesn’t seem to have a setting for your plugin.

  3. Skully

    Hi. Great plug in! I tried several and this is the only one which doesn’t give js error messages upon activation. Thanks. Sorry I probably didn’t fill in the form right, I only speak English and what you want is written in Norwegian. 🙁

    Using WP 3.0 and your latest, 1.3.4.

    When I have to use an apostrophe in a quote it adds a back slash like this: couldn\’t

    Any idea how to stop that? My boss writes the quotes so it’s not like I can avoid apostrophes, LOL.

    Also, are you available for hire to tweak your code to do what we’d like it to with images?


  4. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

    No problem with English here, I have a separate page for the Norwegians. 🙂

    The problem with the apostrophe should be an easy fix. I have located the problem, but I don’t have access to the code before next week (I’m on holiday). I will fix this when I can, hopefully within a week or so.

    See my mail regarding hired work.

    Thanks for using my plugin!

  5. Skully

    Thanks for fixing your terrific plug in so fast! I’m glad you confirmed that I was right when I thought it was a server side issue and not your very clean code. 🙂

    I’ve installed your new version 1.3.5 and it works PERFECTLY with the version of PHP that our hosting company is running on the server.

    Thank you! You ROCK!

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      No problem, Skully. I will look into your other questions soon. Just got back to work, so I need to prioritize, but think I can give you something soon. And I will probably make it a public change, so you don’t need to tweak your example of the code every time there’s an update.

  6. Lillebjorn

    Hei Yngve! I have added your neat plugin to my WP site http://www.lillebjorn.no It works fine; except for the missing pictures!

    I have everything installed by your book. But no pics.

    My work-around: Since I have my WP installation in a subdirectory /WP I added an extra httpdocs/wp-content/plugins/xmasb-quotes/images to the root. All directories empty except for /images. This works. But I do not like the clutter. Where can I adjust the path to wp/wp-content… etc in your plugin to avoid this work-around?

  7. Carlos Terry

    I’ve been using your plugin for a couple of years and it works great! Only issue I have is that everytime I automatically upgrade it, I lose all my images. I have my images saved in a different folder now, and when the upgrade is complete I just copy them back to the images folder, but it would be nice to automate this so any added images are kept.


  8. Chris

    This is the best of the best «quotes» plug-in! I have been looking for a way to connect images to quotes for a long time. Thank you for creating this! The only thing missing (for me anyway) is the ability to place it where you wish, outside of a sidebar. It would be a nice addition to an otherwise superb quotes plug-in.

  9. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

    @Carlos I’m working on a fix for this. I will try to get a fix out soon!

    @Chris Try the shortcut [XmasBRandomQuote]. If you need to use php, there is a function «xmasb_print_random_quote()» for this. Be sure to test if the function exists before calling it, so you won’t get problems if you should disable or uninstall the plugin later. I will add a shortcut for easy adding of quotes as well in a later version. It seems I had already done this! 🙂

  10. Thomas Frost

    Hi Yngve, first off great plug-in. I do have one little problem you could consider. I sometimes have a theme where I can make multible sidebars, and most other sidebar widgets can be pulled over and used in several sidebars. But the Xmas quote plug-in can only be used in one sidebar.

    It would be great if it was possible for at to be used on more than one sidebar.

    If not possible still great work and thanks for a great plug-in.

    Best regards Thomas Frost

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      I did a little research today, and found that WordPress has added a new API for Widgets back in version 2.8. This makes the functions I’ve used deprecated, so I will try to update the code soon. Multiple Widgets should then be available as well.

  11. Mignon

    I can’t get the images to show with the quotes. I have tried everything. At first they were .jpgs then I changed them to .gifs. The I labelled them with first and last name like I have quote arthor. What should I do?

  12. chris

    Can the optional image be a full path or do images have to be in the images folder. I want to show images that are not related to the author and need to reference other images.

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      In the current version (v1.5.2) only the images folder is being used. But I will put this on my todo-list. Can’t make any promises as the when I will implement this, but it should be fairly easy to solve. I will most likely test for url starting with «http» when deciding where to search for images. Just don’t hotlink images. 🙂

      1. Abraham

        When I make profit online I will donate for sure. 🙂 At this time online business is just taking money from my pocket.

  13. Chris

    Hi! I am wondering if this has been mentioned before, I had this working and then I changed so now I have a child theme of thematic that I am developing on a subdomain, the images don’t seem to be working now, well, none of my quotes currently have images but I kind of expected the default.png to show in every quote, yes? I have not changed any settings from your default installation. Do I have to set paths or something?

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      Sorry for the late reply on this. I will test this as soon as I can. I use a child theme of Arras myself, but have turned images off, so it could be that I forgot to test this.

      I will look more into this, and update accordingly. I have some other things to add as well.

  14. mary


    Love this widget! I don’t know if its possible, but is there any way to change the font color to white?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      The easiest way to achieve this is by editing the xmasbquotes.css file that comes with the plugin/widget.

      Just add add «color: white;» like this: .xmasb_quotes_quote { padding-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 10px; padding-right: 10px; color: white; }

      I see that this could be done better. If I find time I will update the plugin with an option for editing this in the settings. As of now it should just whatever settings your WordPress installation uses.

      I am also going to add an option for using the same widget multiple times on a single blog, something you might have interest of?

  15. Dee

    Could you please add a feature to this that allows you to add the rotating quote in a post via a short code or include? It’d be appreciated!

    Thanx, Dee

  16. Scott

    Hi Yngve!

    I just translated the plugin to Swedish if you would like to add it to the language folder

    Email me back and I´ll send them in an email to you!

    Cheers Scott

  17. Julia Green

    Hi, I love the plugin, but I was wondering, are only people with administrator rights able to add quotes? I wouldn’t want to give the authors admin rights just for that… Thanks! Julia

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      Glad you asked. I’ve just released version 1.6 that should sovle this for you by adding an option for setting which roles have permissions. Default is administrator, but you can now choose between Administrator, Editor Author and Contributor.

  18. Sophie Garrett

    Hello, I’ve been using your lovely plugin for some time, and I know when you upgrade you have to reload the images back into the images directory. But this time, when I added the images back in, they are not visible. I’ve tried added a default image but that doesn’t work and also tried creating completely new quotes.

    Can you help?

    The site is http://www.h2index.com and the quotes appear in the right hand column as Clients Comments on every page except the home page.

  19. Tilbaketråkk: XmasB Quotes | Best Plugins - wordpress – widgets – plugin 2012

  20. Buddy

    I just upgraded to 1.61 and now none of the images are showing and I can’t add or edit quotes. What shoud I do? thanks Buddy

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      Hi Buddy, what version did you upgrade from, and what version of WordPress are you running? For editing you might want to check what settings the «Role for editig quotes» option is set to. you can find this under Settings – XmasB Quotes.

      1. Buddy

        Version 3.4.1 of WordPress, I just took this site over to manage and it had to have been a much earlier version of XmasB Quotes as it had not been maintained for a year or two. I have it set to show images, and Role for Editing Quotes is Administrator, which I am. I fill out a new quote and click «add quote» and it seems to be saving it, but it does not show up. Thank you for such a quick answer and I sure hope you can help me get it working again. Would it help for you to get to the Dashboard? Buddy

        1. Buddy

          I deleted plugin and reinstalled and now I can add and edit quoted but cannot get images to show. Images are in folder named images and are .gif. How do I get image to show? thanks again, Buddy

          1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

            Ok, I believe the problem could be that images should be in a subfolder of the plugin, such as «xmasbquotes/images». I see that this is unclear in the description.

            Also, I have to admit the update of the plugin is not as smooth as I would like it be. When updating the images folder will be overwritten, so it is a good idea to keep this in a backup location.

  21. Buddy

    Thank you so much! That did it, got it all back just like it ought to be. Plugin does a great job and your support is fantastic. Buddy

  22. Paris Wells

    Thanks for this great plugin , I’ve use it as a testimonial plugin 🙂

    FYI Anyone who interested , to get this Widget on multiple toolbars at once

    1) Set the Widget Title 2) Go into xmasbquotes.php

    Find : register_sidebar_widget(‘XmasB Quotes’, ‘widget_xmasb_quotes’);

    Change to :

    wp_register_sidebar_widget((‘XmasB Quotes 1′),’XmasB Quotes’, ‘widget_xmasb_quotes’); wp_register_sidebar_widget((‘XmasB Quotes 2′),’XmasB Quotes’, ‘widget_xmasb_quotes’);

    This will allow you to drag the Widget to multiple Widget Containers!

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      Thank you, Paris.

      I’ve been planning to rewrite the entire plugin/widget from scratch to make it up to date with current version of WordPress and releases of PHP. Not sure when this will happen though… Stay tuned. 🙂

  23. Gintonio

    Thanks for the plugin, I have a question: Currently the widget displays the quotes every time you reload the web, I want to use arrows to navigate through the quotes, it is possible? how could it? Thx

    1. Yngve Thoresen Innleggsforfatter

      I’m sorry, but this is not possible. I’ve been meaning to update the widget for a long time now, but haven’t really found the time. There are a bunch of features I want to add, like the one you are requesting. But as you can from my previous comment, I wouldn’t hold my breath (it was written 8 months ago…). If you want I can send you an update if I get around to it.

  24. Gintonio

    Thank you very much for responding so quickly, I understand you did not have time for this project personal. I will try to do it myself, if successful will share whitch you. If you can send me an update i would greatly appreciate. thanks


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